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NBFC Software


NBFC Software Development Company

Cyrus Technoedge is one of the leading NBFC (Non-banking financial company) software providers Company in India. Our NBFC Software designed for Micro Finance and NBFCs companies, The Software have been developed to cover the complete working of a Company involved in rent buy and related Business.

A (NBFC) is an organization authorized under the Act, 1956 of Indian and NBFCs, are financial organizations that offer banking services such that retirement planning, loans and, shares, money markets, stock, merger activities, and underwriting, but do not hold a banking certificate. These organizations are prohibited to take deposits from the public. However, all functions of these organizations are still protected under banking rules. Means it does not include any organization whose major business is that of industrial activity, sale/purchase/construction, agricultural activity of fixed property.

NBFC Software

Our group has developed these NBFC applications using their long experience and interest to provide our customers the best remedy for their company. As every company is different from each other, we have designed different kinds of NBFC Software and RD FD Software for Business organizations.

We have incorporated every typical function that the NBFC organizations need. We have involved several new and extremely useful functions as per the use of the application to make the application all rounder.

Our NBFC Software application designed for NBFC and Microfinance companies, the software has been developer from scratch to cover the entire working of a Company/Firm involved in Hire Purchase and related Business Our focus being on the management and control of business apart from keeping accounts, Our Development team has its roots in the finance industry and an experience of over 4+ years

Cyrus is providing fully secured web based Loan Management Software used all type of Loans Users can easily create a Paperless Loan File and process further for Loan Approval online We covers entire life cycle of a loan Management right Like: Loan Product definition, File Processing and documentation, Loan Amount Calculation, Billing, processing of Loan Accounts, foreclosure, and termination Cyrus provides document management solutions for all type of Loan Companies.

Cyrus is the best NBFC Software provider in India, We offer Micro Finance Management software and Mini Banking Software in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune India.

Plans of NBFC Software

  • Personal Loan Software

  • Vehicle Loan Software

  • Property / Housing Loan Software

  • Gold Loan Software

  • Software for Loan Against Deposits

  • Agriculture Loan Software

  • Education Loan Software

  • Business Loan Software

  • Micro Finance Loan Software

  • Mortgage Loan Software

  • Commercial Loan Software

  • Career Loan Software

  • Machinery Loan Software

Feature of NBFC Software

  • Fully Web based real time ERP with Multi-Location Branch/ Collection center handling capability
  1. Easy To Use Software “User Friendly” And Powerful.
  2. Dynamic Settings to Create Loan Schemes, Define Interest Rate, Ranking settings, commissions settings
      1. Monthly Scheme
      2. Weekly Scheme
      3. Advance Scheme
      4. Multiple interest rates as per no of days
      5. EMI -Compound Interest
    • Insert Loan Detail including ID Proof, Nominee Details, PDC Cheques, Photo, Signature etc.
    • Manage loan officer, agent information, agent commission
    • Loan Approval System
    • Loan installment schedule with payment details, late fee, processing fee, cheque return charges.
    • LTV calculation as per RBI guidelines
    • Vehicle Finance Company
    • Make Loan Scheme
    • Insert Loan Detail including Nominee Details, ID Proof, checks, Photo etc.
    • Define Interest Rate
    • Loan Detail.
    • Installment Scheme
    • Set Loan tenure
    • Installment Due Date
    • Release Loan Amount
    • Loan Disbursement
    • Loan Maturity Detail
    • Defaulter List
    • PDC Detail
    • Emi Collection of Cheques/Cash.
    • Payment History
    • Emi Collection by PDC

    • Price:

      The commercial proposal & payments plan along with the terms & conditions are as per below:

      Sr. No.

      Description of Packages



      NBFC Software – Basic Version (Single Loan)

      Call @ +91-9799950555 / 444 / 666


      NBFC Software (Any 3 Loan Types)- Professional Version, Mini Accounting

      Call @ +91-9799950555 / 444 / 666


      NBFC Software (Multi Loan Type) Corporate Version with Full Features – Full Accounting Features

      Call @ +91-9799950555 / 444 / 666


      NBFC Software with Payroll - Supremo Version

      Call @ +91-9799950555 / 444 / 666

      Note: Special Offers & Discounts on Combo’s like: NBFC + Payroll
      Note: All Package Cost are based on standard requirements, so we must need your actual requirement + Concept to give you the best quote, the cost may be up and Down, depends on the requirement. Cyrus will send the customized quotation.

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       Kissan Biogreen It is a satisfaction to work with your team of experts who developed my software. I appreciate their reliability, effective time control and skills in the development  field. Kissan Biogreen
Mr. Alok Sharma(Director, Kissan Biogreen).
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